I have loved drawing since I was a child.  I would draw everything: people, places, and things.  It was magical to begin with a blank sheet of paper and to bring a design to life. In the last 15 years, I have moved from drawing on paper to painting on canvas and the walls of homes and businesses.

​I began my art business, Murals by Louise, after watching HGTV and seeing murals done in people's homes.  I wanted those murals in my home, so I began covering up the white walls of my house with colorful works of art.  After a friend found out about my work and called the local newspaper, I found myself on the front page of the Lifestyle section of the Akron Beacon Journal.  From there, I began receiving calls to paint murals in other people's homes.  I even got in contact with a local interior designer and found myself doing artwork for Akron native LeBron James. Since then, I have expanded the services I provide to more than just painting murals on walls.  Among other services, I now work on detailed portraits, design banners and prayer cards, and draw live caricatures at events.  Over the years, I have provided services for many clients including churches, businesses, event planners, and homeowners.

Whether it is a small painting or an entire room of murals, I begin with something that is an inspiration for me or my client.   From there, I create a design that tells a story.  To me, the designing -- the creating of a story -- is my favorite part.  From there, I love adding color and using shading and highlighting to maximize the depth you can perceive on a two-dimensional surface.  When my work of art is completed, I hope to have others pause in time, and feel, for just a moment, what has been created.